Morning Mysore classes in the heart of Wellington

B1/88 The Terrace

Monday to Friday 6-11 am, Saturdays 8-11 am

Saturday 8th July led Primary 8-10am, beginner's 10-11am. Details below.

Students can start and finish anytime during the practice period
(a typical practice takes between 30 and 90 minutes)

Beginners and all levels welcome

Beginner's one month course - Reservation essential

Showers are available, please bring a towel and soaps.

There will be no class on public holiday weekends, full and new moon days.
For June these are; Queen's Birthday weekend Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th, full moon Friday 9th, and new moon Saturday 24th.
In July no class interruptions at all; full moon Sunday 9th, and new moon Sunday 23rd.

About the beginner's one month course

Receive a gentle therapeutic introduction to the Ashtanga practice, attend anytime during class hours and practice as often as you like, up to six days per week. A typical beginner's practice takes about 30 minutes.

However it is not essential that a beginner attend the one month course- beginners are welcome anytime.

Pricing (including GST)

Drop in class $18

Beginner's month $100

3x per week monthly membership (ap) $100 (extra class $10)

6x per week monthly membership (ap) $150

10x class card (valid 3 months) $120

One week pass $75

Rental yoga mats available $1

If you are a full time student or unwaged please contact me for discounted pricing.

Payments can be made by;
Cash on site, bank transfer to 06-0582-0124037-00 (S.C.Harris), PayPal to


Primary Led +

Saturday the 8th of July 8-10am at Mysore Yoga Wellington, B1/88 The Terrace

In this Saturday session we will explore the traditional Sanskrit counted primary practice in the manner that it is currently taught weekly by Sharath Jois in Mysore. This type of class is very helpful in learning the correct vinyasa (breath movements) of the Ashtanga practice. We will end the session with talk and Q&A.

A regular, established Ashtanga practice of until at least navasana is essential. This class is not suitable for beginners, beginners please attend from 10-11am on this day.

Regular class pricing applies (see above), no reservation necessary.