I discovered yoga through the performing arts in 1996. As an actress I was looking for a practice that could help me to connect with my body and emotions, and enhance my concentration and discernment.

I love the Ashtanga method because it teaches me to work with my limitations, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. In the beginning I felt the physical effects of the practice, then as I continued I began to feel emotional and spiritual changes. Over many years much has changed in my life, but the practice continues to provide emotional support whenever something ‘difficult’ appears.

I have had the luck to meet and practice with many great teachers. I began my practice with Fernando Calvino who was one of the first certificated teachers in Argentina. In 2012 I started to teach, and assist my teacher Andrea Martinez who runs the Lino Miele Ashtanga School in Buenos Aires. Those years were so important because it takes time to develop in Ashtanga Yoga. I still go to Argentina every year and keep up my studies with her and Lino Miele.

When I arrived in New Zealand I met Mike Berghan who became a very important first teacher here. My path then introduced me to Stewart Harris who I currently practice with daily, and he is supporting me in my development as a teacher.

Ashtanga Yoga has taken me through a process of transformation. It’s become so important in my life that I could never leave it. I really believe that Ashtanga Yoga changes people’s lives, as long as people are willing to change, and this is why I wish to teach.