I fell thoroughly in love with Ashtanga Yoga in 2000 after trying a class at the Auckland Yoga Academy. It was much more challenging than I expected, and I felt a great sense of wellbeing after class, as if a layer of clouds had been lifted from me. It was this sensation that made me come back for class after class.

Over the years, yoga has cultivated an awareness in me that has helped me through many challenging situations and understand life better. I practiced yoga through three pregnancies, which helped me give birth to healthy daughters and recover smoothly.

I am originally from Japan and have spent half my life living in New Zealand, the USA and Australia. I’ve had the good fortune to practice with late Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in Auckland and New York City, and a number of inspirational Ashtanga Yoga teachers including Greg Tebb and Peter Sanson.

I currently practice with Stewart Harris in Wellington. I really appreciate his daily guidance of my yoga in the traditional method, and his support in my development as a teacher. It amazes me to discover how deep the practice can go after so many years.

I feel great joy in sharing what I've learnt with students and find it so rewarding to see them benefit from the Ashtanga practice.

My interests also extend to energy work, I practice EDINA energy healing and am a Reiki master. I hold a level 1 St John First Aid certificate.